Jacqueline Sloan Biography

Body Mechanics for Kids, Director of Programs

TASK Fitness Solutions, Senior Instructor

PTA, Certified Stott Pilates, Master Teacher

National Ballet of Canada

Ballet Victoria, Founder


In 2015, Jacqueline Sloan launched Body Mechanics for Kids, a program designed to encourage child educators to explore physical education, especially alignment, structural stability from the inside out.

While working at Shelbourne Physiotherapy in Victoria, BC, for almost ten years (PTA; Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor, Injuries and Special Populations) Jacqueline heard an on-going comment from her clients. Their cry was: “Why wasn’t I taught this stuff in school?” and comments about the need for learning this material earlier in one’s life.

She and others working in this field recognize that there are some essential movement concepts missing in childhood physical literacy, and so, with Body Mechanics for Kids she hopes to address the gap in how and what we are teaching kids about their bodies.

Doctors and therapists of all kinds are inundated with structurally mal-functioning bodies daily. Whether people are active or a couch potatoes, their bodies are breaking down much faster than they need to. Jacqueline believes this is partly because we teach/encourage movement (the more the better), but we have not been, until lately, teaching as much about how to properly support or stabilize ourselves for the all movement we create.

Jacqueline hopes, that with the BMK material, teachers and coaches will be empowered to deliver more effective strategies for helping young people create the balanced muscle patterning that supports optimal alignment and motor function that will in-turn help maintain the life-long structural integrity for body.

TASK Fitness Solutions, located in Victoria, BC is a hybrid of Jacqueline’s practices, focusing on teaching a wide demographic of people optimum movement skills through exercise and education. Jacqueline work closely with adults and youth in a clinical environment, one on one, and in small group settings.

Jacqueline has developed close relationships with many physicians and therapists in the region and throughout North America, though which many clients are referred. Her clientele ranges from the deconditioned, to pre and post-operative, to injury rehabilitation, support for degenerative diseases and or spinal issues; athlete conditioning; and of course, with dancers.

The biggest development for Jacqueline in the past decade is in her work to understand certain spinal pathologies, more recently scoliosis. Jacqueline has been instrumental in spear-heading the development of Scolio-Specific Fitness Exercise programs in the region, for kids with AIS (Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis), as well as adults with Scoliosis.

Jacqueline has always marveled at how the human frame functions, and consistently looks forward to unravelling its secrets.