A consultation is required when beginning a program at TASK Fitness Solutions so that both you and your instructor are able to:


  • Task Fitness - Consultationdiscuss any obvious or subtle physical issues affecting your motor function and posture, and any historical or current reports from     other health practitioners
  • ascertain your level of fitness and mobility
  • and most importantly, to find out your personal goals and needs  before starting a program at TASK


During the consultation you will be introduced to basic principles of stability, alignment and cueing that will be integrated into your     program at TASK Fitness Solutions.

We usually anticipate that each client will need a minimum of 3 personal sessions before entering any class.

This will help you to gain a greater kinesthetic awareness and understanding of the physiology and language associated with the work to be done and how it applies to your situation.

Through education and exercise we will train you to:

  • Re-balance all your joints
  • Work all of your joints
  • Control loading of all your joints eccentrically and concentrically

The goal of our programming is to get you to optimum fitness!