Providing Functional Fitness and Education in Victoria, BC.


TASK works with your unique physiology and circumstance to optimize your movement and strengthen your frame.

We offer personalized training and or small focus group sessions.

Our exercise programs get you moving with confidence, to your full capacity with less pain, understanding what optimum movement feels like for whatever condition you are dealing with. 


We have experience with a wide range of conditions, from general wear and tear, to injuries and pathologies including:

   * Spinal degeneration

   * Scoliosis

   * Arthritis

   * Osteoporosis

   * MS, CP, and PD

   * Fibromyalgia

We can be part of your physical care team, leading you to optimum health and fitness.


TASK Fitness Solutions is committed to helping the community become stronger together.

We offer and promote workshops and training courses for other healthcare workers and teachers as well as fitness trainers and coaches who are looking to enhance their talents for teaching good body mechanics to their clients.

We also encourage networking and promote the rich talent of therapists in our community.



TASK offers comprehensive personalized physical conditioning classes utilizing our unique “Pilates Gym” apparatus and approach to movement.

Our goal is to teach you to:

   * Balance your joints

   * Control loading of your joints while you work to optimum fitness.

I came to jacqueline Sloan at TASK Fitness Solutions after a full hip replacement that also included shortening one leg to remedy a lifelong (60 year) leg length discrepancy.After merely 12 private sessions with her My spine is 1” longer, my right shoulder has lost it’s steep drop, the terrible sciatica down my right leg and into my foot is gone and the severe rightward curve of the left 5” of my spine is all but gone. All of this progress is due to Jacqueline’s profound understanding of how to use her array of Pilates equipment in surprising and surprisingly therapeutic ways.More importantly she does nothing by rote utilising her profound understanding of human anatomy to craft unique exercises the never ,ever ceasing to analyze all aspects of my musculature and skeletal structure. Thanks to Jacqueline I am starting to fully realize the potential unearthed by my brilliant surgeon and am moving and feeling for the first time in over 60 years as most people do throughout their normal lives. I cannot praise and recommend this brilliant,compassionate healer too highly.
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