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Online Curriculum

Module# 1: Physical Literacy Lesson Plan


Only available until August 1, 2020

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Online Program Includes:

  • Google Slides for classroom & gym
  • Descriptive videos for every exercise
  • Printable worksheets & lesson plans
  • Web-based links to additional resources and videos
  • Teacher instructional notes
  • Simple 7-Minute Movement Preparation Warm-Up Routines
  • Flexible course curriculum


Summer Intensive Training: Body Mechanics for Kids Physical Literacy


Only available until June 15, 2020

(regular price $500)

To get the most out of yourBMK Physical Literacy Lesson Plan online program, attend our summer intensive training course, where you will get a thorough understanding of the curriculum and practical training in on how to teach students the exercises.

Course Dates: 

  • August 4th – 6th, 2020 (Vancouver, BC)
  • August 11th – 13th, 2020 (Kelowna, BC)
  • August 18th – 20th (Victoria, BC @ Royal Oak Middle School)

In-School Workshops

FOR TEACHERS – Introduction to Body Mechanics for Kids 


Only available until June 30, 2020

(regular price $150*)

Introduce your teachers or your class to BMK by inviting us into your school to demonstrate how to teach the basic concepts behind BMK Physical Literacy Lesson Plan.

 In-School Teacher Workshop includes:

  • Introduction to BMK ( 1.5 hours of training)
  • Experiential learning with teaching staff

*Travel expenses additional

In-School Workshops 

FOR STUDENTS – Introduction to Body Mechanics for Kids

3 Hours for $399 +GST*
8 Hours for $500 +GST*

Only available until June 30, 2020

(regular price $500 & $850)*

Introduce your students to BMK by inviting us for a half or full day to work directly with your students to teach them the basic concepts behind BMK Physical Literacy Lesson Plan.

Themes include: Breathing for Stress, Support or Stamina; Core Connections for Balance and Power; Flexibility vs. Control; & Sport Specific excercises.

In-School Student Workshop includes:

  • Half Day  = 3 hours ($500*)
  • Full Day  = 5 Hours ($850*)
  • Experiential learning with students

*Travel expesnes additional





Opportunities exist to receive sponsorship subsidies to cover a portion of the financial costs for delivering the BMK program to your students.

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Body Mechanics for Kids (BMK) has designed in person and on-line programs for both Middle School and High School to help teachers help kids understand their bodies as they grow and change.

Feeling a lack of coordination is a big reason kids won’t try something. They don’t want to look goofy. Along with this can come a feeling of lack of control or stability which can come from lack of strength in some areas because their bodies are changing. At this point muscular compensations and faulty patterning can set in.

The materials in this program will help students who are not active, as well as students who are involved in dance or sports, to feel more competent and more in control of their movements. Our aim is to set our youth up for life-long confidence in knowing how their body works best.


Focus: The BMK On-Line Program gives teachers tools to help educate kids about the important role optimum postural alignment plays in the mental and physical well-being of each of us.

What will participants learn?: The program integrates Science, Social Studies and Physical Education Curriculm. It explores what does good posture look and feel like? Participants will use critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills and and practice kinesthetic feedback.

How will participants learn?: Movement preparation helps students excel. The program incoporates study content, hands-on activities and excercise routines. Participants will explore self-assessment techniques that help to select and modify activities to enhance one’s physical capacity and competency.

Why is this program important?: Mindfulness in movement is the best preventative care for long-term health and mobility. Better understanding quality movement helps to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of the body, prevent injuries and chronic pain.

Body Mechanics for Kids – The Gateway to Physical Literacy  

Understanding Body Mechanics can be the key to motivating kids to participate more physically in life. Along with movement vocabulary we need movement fluency and physical proficiency.

Body Mechanics for Kids (BMK) introduces tools to help your students gain confidence and competence in their movement in a variety of physical activities, in multiple environments that benefits the development of the whole person.

Learn more about Body Mechanics for Kids.

Workshops & Courses for Teachers

Body Mechanics for Kids (BMK) is a course designed for teachers of students of all ages. The BMK course provides an introduction to understanding the fundamentals of dynamic stability in relation to optimum functional movement, during non-locomotive and locomotive movement. After participating in this course you will: 

  • Better be able to create awareness around lifestyle choices and how they affect the long-term health of the body.
  • Have tools to teach principles of internal and external support of the human frame in relation to functional and skillful movement.
  • Be able to demonstrate to your students how their knowledge of basic anatomy relates to healthy functional movement, as well as sports related activities.
  • Have the skills and exercises to teach students how to: strengthen and stabilize their bodies from the inside out; maintain optimal alignment during their activities; enhance their performance in activities and protect their bodies from injury.
  • Have access to videos, links and resources for research and development of presented material including course support materials including on-line videos and updates, reference library and resource links.

Body Mechanics for Dancers

Body Mechanics for Dancers is a course designed for dance teachers. Course content focuses on building a deeper understanding of how dance movements affect the body; how to recognize optimum structural alignment; and how to support and stabilize joints while creating power, optimal range of motion and control of the body. It will address movement concepts as they pertain to dancers, with functional and skillful movement strategies. Our goal is to help you help your dancers find optimal life-long health through dance.

For more information about BMK courses contact:
Jaqueline Sloan at 250.889.7092 or